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Consider these facts when choosing your band/orchestra.

Hello and Welcome !

By now you have probably viewed the websites of a dozen bands and orchestras.
While the quality of the webpage design and photos may have varied,
the message on every website has probably contained most of these selling points:

(See if these don't sound familiar!)

A. Our band is the most versatile
B. Our band has many years of experience
C. Our band will tailor the performance to your needs
D. Our band has an extensive play list
E. Our band uses the best equipment
F. Our band will keep your guests dancing all night
G. Our band has played for the following corporate clients
H. Our band has played at the following fine hotels
I. Our members have degrees in music
J. Our members have recorded radio jingles, etc
K. Our members are full-time musicians, not "weekend warriors"

So with the selling points for most bands being essentially the same,
how do you decide which band or orchestra will best meet your needs ?

Here are some facts that may help you.

Let's review the selling points one at a time:

A. "Our band is the most versatile."
Fact: Every band that does not specifically bill itself as a specialty band (50's-60's, or Motown/Soul, for example) will offer a variety of music.
Consider: What types of music are most important for your function ?
Since every band will perform some musical styles better than others, focus on how well they play the songs you would select for your event.
B. "Our band has many years of experience."
Fact: Most bands that have survived the onslaught of DJs over the past 20 years have been performing for many years.
Consider: Inquire how many events like yours the band has played over the past several years. A band that typically plays clubs or festivals may not offer the best fit for your wedding reception or corporate event.
C. "Our band will tailor the performance to your needs."
Fact: Bands are in business to serve you. Any band that would not tailor the songs they play to your wishes would not stay in business very long.
Consider: How long would a restaurant stay in business if the the staff wouldn't let you order the meal you desired off of their menu ?
D. "Our band has an extensive play list."
Fact: In a typical 3-hour timeframe for dancing, a band can play 30-40 songs, depending on the length of the songs.
Consider: Some bands list every song that they have ever played in the last 20 years on their play list. That may include dozens of songs that you and your guests would never even think of requesting ! So a lengthy play list is not always an advantage.
E. "Our band uses the best equipment."
Fact: Good-quality equipment has become very affordable in the last 20 years. Very few successful bands use poor equipment.
Consider: It's not always what you have, it's also your knowledge about how to use it. We have experienced many performances by good bands with excellent equipment that resulted in poor sound due to poor adjustment of amplifiers and/or P.A. system.
F. "Our band will keep your guests dancing all night."
Fact: While a packed dance floor is a sure sign that guests are enjoying themselves, it does not mean that the performance is of high quality. (Haven't you ever attended a function where the band was "Ugh!", but people were dancing anyway ?)
Consider: Not every audience will share the same enthusiasm for dancing, no matter how talented the band is or how tasteful the song selection. An important goal is to make sure that every guest can appreciate something that the band plays during the night.
G. "Our band has played for the following corporate clients."
Fact: Just because a large corporation can afford to "hire the best" (spend a lot of money) doesn't mean that they always succeed in hiring "the best" ! Not all corporate events select good musical entertainment, despite having budgets that typically exceed smaller organizations or private parties.
Consider: Would you let someone from XYZ Corp. influence the other choices you are making for your party arrangements ? If not, then why should their entertainment selection matter to you ?
H. "Our band has played at the following fine hotels . . ."
Fact: Fine hotels don't hire (or even screen) the entertainment -
you do !
Consider: If someone wore an ugly gown to an event at a five-star hotel, would the gown look any better, or would it still be ugly ? Simply having performed at a well-known venue does not imply that the performance would be to your liking.
I. "Our members have degrees in music."
Fact: There are two critical elements of a musical performance:
1. technique, which can be taught, and 2. style, which cannot.
Music degrees ensure a certain level of playing skill. They guarantee nothing about style. Playing the correct notes and performing a song with the "feel" of the original are two entirely different skills. Picking a tempo that is too fast or too slow, or allowing the musicians to put their "signature" on a song can completely change the "feel" of a song. This is a key reason why Band A's rendition of a song "sounds better" to you than Band B's rendition.
Consider: Popular music becomes popular because of the feel of the song.
Many of your favorite songs were recorded by artists that did not even read music, let alone have a music degree. You don't need a music degree to play "Satisfaction" or "Brown-Eyed Girl", but you'd better have style !
J. "Our members have recorded radio jingles, etc."
Fact: Like music degrees, studio experience implies that a musician can execute the notes on the page accurately.
Consider: An individual musician singing or playing an instrument for a dog food commercial or a car dealership jingle doesn't mean that the band they perform with is the best choice for your event !
K. "Our members are full-time musicians, not 'weekend warriors' "
Fact: As with any profession, just because it's a full-time job doesn't mean that the person performs it with excellence and enthusiasm. Haven't you encountered a "full-time" repairman, drycleaner, bakery, etc. that does a poor job ? (You ask yourself, "How do they stay in business ?") Haven't you encountered a part-time business (seamstress, caterer, furniture refinisher, etc.) that does better work than their "full-time" competition ?
Consider: Listen to the music ! In the end, the equipment and musician credentials are secondary to the music, just as the tablecloths and chef's credentials are secondary to the food that is served at a restaurant.

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