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  So what are some of FANTASIA's selling points ?
  FANTASIA provides the same sound and versatility as 8- and 9-piece orchestras – without the cost.
  The band does a very good job of capturing the tempo, sound and feel of the original recording.
  The band features six musicians with the four rhythm section musicians (keyboard, bass, guitar and drums) playing on every song. The two horns are added as appropriate for each song.
  Three of the four lead vocalists in the band play and sing simultaneously, providing an excellent variety of vocal sounds and styles. The fourth vocalist (trumpeter) also sings lead and background vocals on many songs.
  We work to our vocalists' strengths in covering various artists and styles.
  While none of us has recorded a radio jingle, all band members have taken extensive private lessons. Two members have music degrees and have taught music professionally. Most importantly, we have been performing at events like yours since 1976.
  Our equipment is of high quality, and more importantly, we know how to adjust sound.
  We have performed at hundreds of wedding receptions and dances since 1976, many in upscale venues like the Four Seasons and Renaissance Hotels, Chicago Athletic Club and Union League Club of Chicago.
  Our corporate client list is not as extensive as many bands because most corporate clients want more musicians on the stage so that the band "looks" bigger, even though our six-piece band demo is often down-selected in competition with larger bands by corporate clients. (We do not add musicians.)
  Most importantly, we will be honest in dealing with you and give you our best assessment of how well we can meet your expectations.

One advantage of being "weekend warriors" is that we can afford to turn down an engagement if we feel that you will not be absolutely thrilled with our performance.

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